How to Build an Event

An Event in Union is a top-level description -- its name, photo, and what types of payment it accepts.

Every Event has Schedules that define when it occurs, and each instance of an event is called a Performance (what you might call a class, workshop. or training).

Learn how to build your Union events and be sure to check out our video tutorial to follow along! From your Dashboard, hover over Products > Events. 

Click Create Event

Event Info 

Tell your students about this event

  • Public Event: select if your event is visible on your public Union website. You can adjust from public to private at any time.

  • Name: give your event a descriptive name; this is the most prominent thing your customers will see on most screens.

  • Description: clarify the event in a little more detail.

  • Photo: people process images much more quickly than words, so select a resonant, descriptive photo that will be attractive to your customers.


The following section is where you will define each performances for this event.

  • Training or Workshop Series: turn this ON (ticket box if you want your users to register for all performances of your event (i.e. teacher training). Turn it OFF if you want customers to book individual days (most weekly fitness/yoga classes). Click to check out our video tutorial on how to build a training or workshop event

  • Led By: click the box below to select your teacher (the list is categorized alphabetically)

  • Capacity: adjusting this effects In-Person (livestream/external URLS are unlimited registrations). By default, all virtual classes are set for unlimited registrations. If you do require a capacity limit for your virtual classes, click Enforce Online Capacity Limit at the bottom of the event builder. 

  • Location: select the location - space to where the teacher will be hosting their class. *friendly reminder: same location & space cannot be used for two events and/or schedule at the same time.

  • Starts At: click to select the start date and time. Click the clock icon on the bottom of the calendar to add the correct time. It will automatically generate today's d.

  • Duration: enter the length for this class

  • Repeats: select how often this class schedule will occur. 

  • If this schedule has an end date, click recurs until and add the end date and time.

  • Remove: clicking this will delete a single schedule

  • Add Schedule: select this option to create an additional performance schedule for this event.

Event Categories & Payment Options 

Here's where you'll select what event categories are associated with this event. You must select at least one category if your payment option is set to "accept passes". *Click here to learn the difference between a pass and a ticket

With your event category/categories selected, you can easily view what passes, subscriptions, or payment plans can be used to access this event! If you need a reminder about a specific pass, click the pass name in bold to see the details. 


If you need to add a document to your event (i.e. worksheet, handout, details about a YTT), you can upload these files directly to an event. This is primarily used for special events like a training or workshop. Downloads will be added to a customers Union account (Downloads) once they register. Each time a student registers, a download will be added which is why we recommend not adding these to your regular class schedules. To learn more about downloads, please visit our support article Add a PDF to your Events or Replays.


In the advanced section, anything you add/customize here will be applied to this event only.

  • Additional Email Text: Add a customized message for all users who register for this specific event (i.e. links to complete YTT Training).

  • Enforce Online Capacity Limit: click if you want to limit the number of Livestream or External URL attendees

  • Extend Performance Generation Window: By default, Union allows registrations to occur 30 days out. If you have an event that is not a series event (i.e. training) but doesn't begin straight away and you would like to accept registrations, please choose this. We do NOT recommend this for regular recurring events as it generates 100+ performances. 

  • Allow Attendees to Register More than Once for any Performance: click if you want someone to register with the same pass for multiple attendances (i.e. free events)

  • If you have Union's Payroll feature enabled, be sure to update your payroll category. 

Then click Create Event

Success! You should now see your event details, including each upcoming performance that are 30 days out. You can always access your event details by clicking Events --> Manage Events and then click on the event name in bold

*unless your event is scheduled as a series, students can only book classes 30 days in advance.

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