Building An Event

Welcome to Union's Event Management! This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and managing events, from defining event details to handling advanced settings. If you'd like, please follow along with this video tutorial. Let's get started!

Creating a New Event:

    • From your Dashboard, navigate to Products > Events.
    • Click "Create Event" to initiate the event setup process.

Event Information:

    • Public Event: Choose if your event will be visible on your public Union website. You can switch between public and private visibility at any time. Note that private events can still be registered for, but attendees will need a direct link.
    • Name: Provide a descriptive name for your event, which will be prominently displayed to your customers.
    • Description: Give a detailed overview of what attendees can expect.
    • Photo: Select an engaging, descriptive image that resonates with your audience.
    • Schedules and Performances:
      • TRAINING OR WORKSHOP SERIES: Decide whether the event is a Training or Workshop Series and adjust settings accordingly.
        • Turn it ON if you want a user to register for all performances of an event.
        • Turn OFF if you want users to book individual performances.

      • LED BY: Assign a teacher, set capacity, choose a location, and determine attendance type.
      • LOCATION: Select the location and space where the teacher will be hosting the class.

      • ATTENDANCE: Adjust the attendance type.
      • DURATION: The length in minutes for each performance
      • REPEATS: How often the performances for each schedule occur

      • CAPACITY: Adjusting this ONLY effects In-Person registrations
        • If you require a capacity limit for virtual classes, click "Enforce Online Capacity Limit"
      • STARTS AT: Specify the start time, duration, repetition frequency, and end date if applicable.
      • Add or remove schedules as needed by clicking "remove" or "add schedule"

Event Categories & Payment Options:


    • If necessary, upload documents (e.g., worksheets, handouts) directly to the event. This is particularly useful for special events like trainings or workshops.
      • Users can find the downloads under their account here.

Advanced Settings:

    • Customize settings specific to this event:
      • Additional Email Text: Add a customized message for users who register for the event.
      • Extend Performance Generation Window: If you have an event that does not begin straight away, but you would like to accept registrations, you will need to extend the performance generation window as Union allos registrations 30 days out by default.
      • Allow Attendees to Register More than Once for any Performance: Choose this if you would like users to be able to register with the same pass for multiple performances.

Finalizing the Event:

    • Click "Create Event" to save your settings.

Success! You should now see your event details, including upcoming performances within the next 30 days. Access and manage your events by going to Products > Events and selecting the desired event name.

For non-series events, students can book classes up to 30 days in advance!

For more detailed assistance, refer to our video tutorial or reach out to our support team at We're here to help you make your events a success!

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