Updated as of 12/23/21:

In response of Omicron, Union has added the option for orgs to choose if they would like to require boosters. If you already have Vaxguard enabled and would like to add a required booster, you will need to update your settings ( Settings > Vaxguard).
It is important to note, when you accept the booster addition you need to acknowledge that any proof of vaccination overridden by your org will be reset. In other words, some of your customers may need to re-submit proof of a booster shot.

Once this has been enabled, you can be assured that students proof of vaccination has been reviewed and includes a booster. If a student submits a vaccination card without a booster, the Union team will not be allowed to approve. Union is reviewing all vaccination card submissions from the last 3 months and will add booster and last shot information. This is currently in progress and we will update this document when completed
Now, when your customers register for an in-person class, they will see Booster Required
Additionally, should you manually mark your students as vaccinated, by accepting, you are agreeing that they are vaccinated with a booster shot.

To enable VaxGuard, go to your Union Settings > VaxGuard > Edit

You must consent to use Vaxguard (and booster)

With the ability to require proof of vaccination now enabled, if you have in-person attendance type selected, you have the option to check the VaxGuard box at the schedule level when building or editing an event.

Any schedule that has VaxGuard selected will show a green shield icon admin-side. All In-Person registrations have must have an approved uploaded vaccination document OR marked as vaccinated by an admin.

*Note: Adding an attendee using the Union Register bypasses the need to have an approved vaccination document OR marked as vaccinated by an admin.

When clicking into a performance, in-person registrations reveal a green shield next to their name if the customer has an approved uploaded vaccination document OR if they've been marked as vaccinated by an admin.

Publicly, each performance displays that a vaccination is required.

In addition, you can manually Mark as Vaccinated.

Once updated, their account will reveal a green shield.

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