Union Helpdesk

Admin Guides

Getting Started: Setup Tasks

Here are some of our FAQ's to get you started with Union!

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Migrating Data to Union

Resources for your migration process.

7 articles

Events and Performances (Classes)

From basics to pro tips, all you need to know about creating events & performances!

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From creating an appointment to booking an appointment, learn it all here!

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Types of pricing products you can create in your Union org.

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Members & Roles

Working with your member's Union accounts and different Union roles.

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Payments and Register

Creating orders, issuing refunds, and using Union's register

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Union Marketing Tools

Marketing tools available in the Union Software

22 articles


Anything you need to know about Union's marketing integration with Customer.io

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Reports for your pressing questions like registrations, revenue, and payroll

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Union Settings

Learn how to enable and customize certain features for you and your customers!

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Union Payroll

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Streaming with Larix Broadcaster

Product suggestions & setup if you will be using Larix Broadcaster app to stream.

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More Union Tools

Helpful Union tools and features.

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Branded Websites

Support for your branded website.

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Livestream, Video Calls and Replay Events

From tips to troubleshooting your livestreams, video calls, and replays!

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Streaming with Union Broadcaster

Product suggestions & setup if you will be using Union's Broadcaster app to stream.

14 articles

Troubleshooting Union Broadcaster

Support tools for troubleshooting the Union Broadcaster App.

7 articles

Streaming with OBS

Product Suggestions and Setup if you will be OBS Software to Livestream.

15 articles

Troubleshooting OBS

6 articles

Live Zoom Classes

From gear recommendations to setting up your space, let's get started!

10 articles

Union Video Call

Product suggestions & setup if you will be using Union Video Call (Beta).

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Client and Customer Support

How to find support

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User Guides

Getting Started

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Livestream or Replay

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My Account

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