How to Create an Event Category

What is an event category? Event categories are the link between passes your customers buy and the events they can use those passes to attend. Without event categories, customers could use a $20 drop-in to enroll in your Portugal retreat. Probably not what you were hoping for!

Some classic event categories to get you started include:

  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Teacher Trainings

What does this affect? In addition to linking passes to events, event categories can be filtered and displayed separately on your public-facing Union page. This allows customers to (for example) quickly browse regular classes without seeing teacher trainings, or vice versa.

How to Create a Pricing Event Category Type

Steps to Complete

Visual Support

From your admin dashboard, select Products > Categories. 

Then click or tap the button labeled New Event Category.

Give your pricing category type a name (i.e. Classes) and click Save.

*Adding a description and photo is NOT required. These fields are primarily used for your replay library (category styles). This can come in handy if you have a course that will be available on your replay library. Also, check out Playlists as an additional option.

How to Create Style and/or Benefits Event Category

Think of all the different styles or you offer...

Now, think about some classes you offer that may have specific benefits like anatomy related classes like core, hamstrings, etc. What about classes that could help improve mental health like anxiety relief, or someone's physical health like back pain?

If you have a few of these, you can use event categories to help your customers refine their searches in your replay library (also, see tags and playlists). For these types of Style/Benefits categories, they don't always require a pass to tag along with. As a reminder, anything in Union allows multiple event categories to be snapped on! So, while you may have a Benefits Category that's called "Core", anyone who falls in the pricing category of "Classes" (drop-in, class packs, monthly subscription) can access replays you approve of but those who may have a pass in your "Workshop" category, will need to purchase a new pass from "Classes".

Also see Tags and Playlists for more ways to curate content!

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