Playlists in Union & How to Create

Playlists in Union are a curated collection of videos that offers a convenient way for users to find and access a specific category or group of classes. A playlist can be viewed in a more sequential playback or the users choice.

Content Variety

A playlist can include a diverse range of replays that could be centered around a unique theme, duration, intensity or style. For example, you can have a playlist that offers classes that speaks to Spine Health or Beginner Classes.

A playlist like this could allow your customers to have freedom to pick the class that suits their current needs or preferences. It's like having a collection of favorite songs in a Spotify playlist, where you can choose which song to play next.

Sequential Format

For creators and yoga studios, who are looking for a way to group a specific group of classes that resemble a course or perhaps a series, a playlist could be a great option for you to utilize! With the flexibility to select what replays are included in the playlist, you can customize the order in a more suggestive format.

Today, the videos that are included in each playlist hold the same passes rules as they do in your replay library.

How to Create a Playlist

Visit Products > Playlists > New Playlist

Add the details for your playlist and click Create

Click Edit against your new playlist to choose your videos and then click Add Items to start selecting the public replays (including pre-recorded and uploaded classes) that you want included. Similar to your admin replay library view, you can use filters or type to search specific classes.

When you've found a replay you want to add, simply click Add. Choose Remove if you've added one by mistake.

When you've added a group of classes, you'll see the total duration and video that are included. If you would like to change the order, click the icon next to your photo to drag and drop. You can click Edit, Remove, or Add Item at any time!

Edits available are changing the video name and description.

Once you have your collection, please be sure to click Update on the left side of your playlist details.

When your playlist is created, your students can click Playlists to see all of your collections!

When they click Details against any playlist, they'll be able to see all the videos that are included! If your students see a class they'd like to watch, they'll click the Play icon or the video thumbnail! While students can start with video 1, they can click play on any video to get started!

If students do not have the appropriate pass to access, they'll be prompt to purchase a new pass.

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