How Passes and Categories work

In Union, Events are scheduled programs that your customers want to sign up for. Passes are what customers buy so that they are granted access to those scheduled programs. To learn more about Event Categories, visit our two video tutorials; How to Create an Event Category and Examples of Event Categories & How to Use Them

When a customer chooses an Event they want to attend, Union checks to see whether that customer has a valid Pass attached to their account. If they do, they can proceed without buying anything. If they don't have a valid Pass, Union presents them with choices of what to buy.

So how does Union know which Passes are valid for which Events? The answer is Categories.

Passes and Events are linked together via Categories. Every time you add a new Event to a Category, it can be paid for with every Pass that is also linked to that Category.

Here's an example: imagine you are opening a hybrid meditation center / CrossFit box.

You want people to pay for meditation and CrossFit separately, and you want 10-packs and unlimited monthly memberships for each one. You also want people to be able to pay a slightly-higher monthly fee for a membership that works across BOTH meditation and CrossFit classes.

To achieve this, you would:

  • Create a Meditation Category

  • Create a CrossFit Category

  • Create all of your Meditation Passes and add them to the Meditation Category

  • Create all of your CrossFit Passes and add them to the CrossFit Category

  • Create one more Pass named "The Ultimate Pass" or something, and add it to BOTH Categories

  • Create all of your Meditation Events and add them to the Meditation Category

  • Create all of your CrossFit Events and add them to the CrossFit Category

Now, if someone tries to sign up for a Meditation Event, Union will know to check for any Pass assigned to the Meditation Category (including The Ultimate Pass, which is in both Categories). If Union sees that there are no such passes on the customer's account, it'll show them all of the appropriate options for purchase.

In short, Passes and Categories work together to provide infinite flexibility for your business and your customers.

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