Passes and Events with Categories

In Union, Events are the scheduled programs customers sign up for, while Passes grant access to these programs. This article will guide you on utilizing Event Categories to seamlessly link Passes and Events for a smoother customer experience.

Passes and Events

When a customer selects an Event they want to register for, Union checks if they possess a valid Pass. If so, they can proceed without an additional purchase. Otherwise, Union offers them purchase options.

Active Pass

New Purchase

Event Categories

Categories serve as the bridge linking Passes and Events. They determine which Passes are valid for specific Events. In other words, event categories say what passes can be used to register for what events.

An example would be a studio that offers yoga classes, trainings, workshops, and spa treatments. You may not want a person who purchases a $25 drop-in to register for a 60-minute massage. The way to keep the drop-in with yoga and meditation classes is by using event categories!

Building Event Categories:

Steps to Complete

Visual Support

  1. Navigate to Products > Categories > New Event Category.

  1. Create categories specific to your event/s.

  1. Assign Pricing Options from your passes and/or subscriptions.

By harnessing the synergy between Passes and Categories, Union offers limitless flexibility for both your business and customers, ensuring a seamless registration process.

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