How to create a Subscription

In Union, a Subscription is a pass type that auto-renews. Be sure to check out our video tutorial on how to create an Unlimited Subscription. Also, you'll find links to additional video tutorials below!

How do I create a subscription? From your admin dashboard, choose Pricing > Subscriptions.

  • Name: give your subscription a descriptive name; this is the most prominent thing your customers will see when they're trying to decide what to purchase.
  • Description: clarify the subscription in a little more detail. Many customers will be accessing your Union site from their phones, so strive to keep descriptions short and to the point.
  • Email Description: Click this if you would like the full description to be included in the order confirmation email
  • Price: The recurring price for the Subscription. Subscriptions in Union must have a price greater than zero, but you can set additional rules around discounts and trial periods.
  • Initial Price: there are three options
    • Same as Normal: Select if your price is to remain constant.
    • First Period Discount: If you would like to offer a discounted starting price. A discounted example could be, $79 your first month and $99 each month after. 
    • Free Trial Period: select this option if you would like to offer a free trial period before the subscription billing begins. Choose if you would like to offer a free trial period before their weekly/monthly billing period begins. Once the trial has ended, your customers will automatically be charged the subscriptions initial price.
  • Re-billed every: How frequently a customer is charged. For example, 1 Month would mean the customer is billed monthly.
  • Registration Types: Define what types of Registration this subscription allows access to. For example, useful if you are trying to build a subscription that only allows access to Livestream performances and Replays, but not In-Person classes.
  • Registration Limits: There are three options.
    • Unlimited Registrations means the subscription can be used to access an unlimited number of classes and events until it is canceled or expires. 
    • Limited Registrations, entering a number greater than 0 into the Limit box allows customers to use this subscription a limited number of times before the next billing period. The unlimited subscription will still only grant access to the Registration Types checked above.
    • Advanced Limited Registrations, then customizing rules for each Registration Type checked above allows customers have unlimited or limited number registrations for by Registration Type. e.g. 2 in-person registrations and Unlimited Replays.
  • Purchase Limit: refers to the maximum times a person can acquire the pass. Using a new student special as an example, you would set a purchase limit of 1 so the special can only be purchased 1 by by each customer.
  • Access code only: select this if you'd like to make this pass invisible... except to those who know the code. This is useful for creating exclusive offers and deals that you don't want just anybody to see or buy.
  • Event Categories: choose which types of events and replays this subscription can be used to access
  • Revenue categories: a great way to group revenue in a report that can cross different passes, subscriptions, and payment plans. Learn more about Revenue Categories.

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