Bonus Passes

Bonus passes allow you to automatically create a pass for one of you customers every time their subscription is created or renews.

Bonus passes are often used for things like:

  • Buddy passes that allow a subscriber to bring 2 friends for free each month
  • Access to other services you want to include on a limited basis for free along with a subscription (i.e. a pass that allows Sauna access twice a month with a subscription)

When creating or editing Subscriptions you will see a new option called Bonus Pass:

Currently, passes are supported but subscriptions, payment plans, gift cards, or retail products are not.

When the subscription is created or renews, it creates a new bonus pass and sets it's price to $0, and makes sure that the period the pass is valid matches the subscription. Using the sauna example from above, I could build:

  • A Subscription called Platinum Monthly
  • A Pass called Platinum Sauna that is valid for 1 month and allows 2 sauna visits. It is built with an access code so it cannot be purchased standalone.

Every time someone signs up for a Platinum Monthly subscription a Platinum Sauna pass will be issued

Whenever a Platinum Monthly subscription is canceled, it will cancel any valid Platinum Sauna passes for that customer.

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