Showing a Pass on the Passes Page vs. Applying an Access Code

Union offers two great features to limit the viewing options for different pricing options you are looking to sell to your customers; Show on Public Passes Page or Applying an Access Code. The primary different between the two is, one option will still be shown in the customers registration flow, Show on Passes Page. The other option, adding an Access Code, can be viewed as a discount or hiding the pricing option from the public view. Let's take a closer look at these features and the best way they can be applied.

*Note: Union offers additional ways to promote discounts, to learn more, please visit Event Category Discounts and Discount Codes to learn more.

Show on Public Passes Page

When creating a pass, subscription, or a payment plan in Union, you have the option to make the pricing option hidden from your public passes page.

By toggling this from Show on Passes Page (setting it is on by default) to removing it from your public passes page simply means, when your customers view your passes page,

it will not be a visible, immediate option. This way, you can keep your public passes page visible with your regular offerings.

Where this Feature Shines Best

Let's say some of your pricing options include the following pricing options:

  • 300 YTT at $3000
  • 13 Week Chakra Immersion at $479
  • Donation Pass with a suggested price of $10

All three of these options can only be applied to their specific events. Meaning, the 300 YTT can only be used for the upcoming YTT, the 13 Week Chakra Immersion can only be applied towards the upcoming and replay offerings, and the donation pass can only be applied to a specific grouping of classes.

In Union, a person has the ability to purchase a pricing option in a few different ways. Directly from your passes page, a direct URL from a marketing email or website, from a landing page your team may have created, or registering for a class.

If the above passes are removed from your public passes page, your customers will still be able to purchase the pass when they are going through the purchase of of registering for that specific event.

What's great about removing passes from your public passes page is if your have a higher priced option (like a YTT), when first time customers visit your passes page, they're able clearly see your regular offerings without needing to continuously scroll.

Also, if someone were to purchase a pass that can only be applicable to certain events or replays (i.e. a specific workshop or specific donation classes), they may purchase the pass and when going through the registration flow could be unable to register causing frustration and confusion.

We've discovered that most pricing options that are purchased up front will come from the event level (outside of marketing offers that most commonly include descriptions of what it can be applied towards).

Access Codes

Access Codes allow you to sell special deals online that not everyone can see. Including pricing options designed for a specific subgroup of people (i.e. student discounts or free pricing options). You can create a special Pass, Ticket, Subscription, or Payment Plan, protect it with an Access Code, and share that code with specific people. Be sure to check out our video tutorial to see how you can apply this to a pass or ticket! 

By adding an access code to a pricing option, this hides a pass from the public view unless they have the access code provided by a team member from your org, the direct URL (i.e. a marketing campaign or landing page), or was directly added to the customers account by a team member from your org.

Another way to use Access Codes is if you are looking to hide a pass completely to your public for a period of time. For example, perhaps you have a special offering for your customers but it should not be available for them to purchase until a specific date. You're wanting to get a jump start on getting everything built in Union which includes building the pricing options.

When creating your pass, you will want to apply an access code to ensure your pass is hidden until you're ready to release it to the public.

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