Union Discounts and Access Limits

Below are the various options supported by Union for offering discounts or implementing limited access in your business's pricing options.

Discounts in Union & When to Use

Discount Type When to Use Example
Category Offer a discount for a specific group of pass holders The subscription offers 10% off workshops if they hold a specific pass.
Code Admin wants to give a discount that can be added at checkout. Seasonal sale off regular priced pass.
Time Discounting an amount prior to the event starting 10% Early-Bird discount for a YTT pass.
First Period Offering a discount on a subscription before the regular price should begin $79 the first month and $99 each month after.
Free Trial Period Offering a free trial for a short duration before the first subscription payment 7 day free trial & $99 each month after

Access Limits in Union & When to Use

Access Limit Type When to Use Example
Access Code Hide a pass from the public. When someone adds the code on the registration page, the pass (including $0) will be available for the customer to cart. Pass is accessible in the register. Also see Public Passes Page vs Access Code. $0 pass you don’t want the general public to purchase. You have a win-back campaign that’s a different price than your regular offering. Clients can either use a code or click the direct link to purchase the offering. This offer can also be added in the register.
Purchase Limit Maximum amount of times a customer can acquire the pass. New Student Special: A customer can only have the pass once
Issued Limit Maximum amount of times a pass can be issued or purchased (issued includes comps). You’re offering a discounted 10-Pack for the first 50 people who purchase.
Set Valid Range After First Registration The valid period (how long a pass is active for) will start after the customers first registration and not the date of purchase. Student purchases a 1 week all access new student special, today. The first registration is 2 days from today. Pass will be valid 1 week from the registration date.
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