First Period Discounts

You can create a subscription with a first-period discount so your customers can pay at a lower rate for their first billing cycle. See our video tutorial to see this applied in action!

Add a First Period Discount

Steps to Complete

Visual Support

  1. When creating your subscription, add your regular recurring dollar amount.

  1. Then, change Same as Normal to First Period Discount. Below, add your discounted price.

  1. Choose how often the billing is to occur (i.e. 1 month). Then save or update your subscription! In this example, this subscription gives the customer a first month rate of $89. Every month after, they will be charged $99. 

When your subscription is saved, you and your team can the first-period discount directly below the description.

Customer Experience

Here's what your subscription will look like on your public passes page:

During the registration flow, your customers will see this:

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