Subscription Trial Period

You can create a subscription with a free trial period, and customers can sign up for the subscription on their own. The customer will be required to enter payment card information during checkout to start the trial period.

The free trial period will end at the same time as when created — so if you have a monthly recurring subscription that someone is purchasing on 4/1 at 12:00 and giving a free trial until 4/15, the subscription will bill for the first time for the amount specified at 4/15 at 12:00 in the studio of your organization.

Steps to Create

Visual Support

When creating your subscription, select Free Trial Period and specify how many days/months will be free of charge.

Once saved, you will see a "free trial" badge below the subscription.

Here's what your trial subscription will look like on your public passes page
During the registration flow, your customers will see this

Customer View

When customer's are moving through the registration flow, this is what they will see:

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