Event Category Discounts

Union allows organizations to offer discounts to holders of specific passes, subscriptions, or payment plans through specific event categories! Also, see our video tutorial to set up your Event Category Discounts.

'By Category' discounts come in handy if you would like to offer certain members (or subscription holders) discounts to other types of performances or sessions such as Workshops. Or if you'd like to offer students who hold a YTT pass 15% off yoga classes. No access code is required, they simply just need to obtain the pass! 

Create Your Category Discount:

Go to Pricing > Discounts > New Category Discount

Add the name of your discount then choose the pass/subscription/payment plan a member must obtain in order to receive the offer. Select your discount type (amount off or percentage off). Choose all applicable event categories and then Create Discount.

Now, if your member holds the pass type:

Whenever they go to register for a performance or an event associated with the discounted event categories you selected, they will automatically see the discounted price!

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