How Access Codes work

Access Codes allow you to sell special deals online that not everyone can see. This is a great way to offer discounts to special subgroups of your customers. You can create a special Pass or Ticket, protect it with an Access Code, and share that code with specific people. Be sure to check out our video tutorial to see how you can apply this to a pass or ticket! 

Creating Access Codes

For a Pass:

  • On the Pass Builder screen, check the box that says "Access Code Only." An empty text field labeled "Access Code" will appear.

  • Type whatever string of letters and numbers you'd like into this text field.

  • Save the Pass normally.

For a Ticket:

  • On the Ticket Builder screen inside a particular Event, locate the "Access Code" text field and type whatever string of letters and numbers you'd like into this text field.

  • Save the Event normally.

Sharing and Using Access Codes

Method 1:
Send your customers the string of letters and numbers you put into the Access Code field. They can add the code on your public passes page or when registering for an event or performance! Once they enter the string you sent the, the Pass or Ticket protected by the Access Code will become visible.

Method 2:
If you have created a Pass (not a Ticket) protected by an Access Code you can choose to send your customers directly to the appropriate Pass. Against your protected pass or subscription, clic dropdown menu on the right side of the screen. Then click "Direct URL." Copy this URL and send it to your customers as a link. When they click on this link, they will be guided right through the checkout flow without having to make any choices or input any codes.

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