Creating a Ticketed Event

Tickets are designed to be just for one specific event, and not allow access to anything else. Most businesses use tickets for special, unique, one-time events such as a workshop or training.

Tickets are built within the Event itself. You can build multiple tickets for each event, and each ticket can have special dates and times when it goes on and off sale. 

When creating a ticketed event, it's important to be mindful that you cannot use tickets AND passes (including payment plans) for the live event. When you come to the event category selection, you do not need to choose one. 

The benefits of selecting an event category is primarily for what comes after a live event: the replay! If a replay is going to be available, the ticket you're about to create will only apply for those who are registering for the live event. By selecting an appropriate event category, all passes and subscriptions that are tied to it will be applicable during the replay registration flow. 

Build a Standard Ticketed Event

When we think of a ticketed event, we see this as an event that has a single performance associated to it! We'll begin by visiting Products > Events > New Event.

Add your event details like the name, description, photo, and schedule. For additional assistance on creating an event, please consult our helpdesk article or watch our video tutorial below! 

Steps in Creating a Ticketed Event

Visual Support

When you come to payment options, deselect Accept Passes and begin to add your ticket details (i.e. name, description, price).

Like passes, discounts should only be added if you are offering a time based discount like an Early Bird Special. For more details on creating a donation ticket, please consult our article: Creating donation-style tickets

If your schedule is not selected as a training or workshop series, you will have these options for your on sale and off sale ticket timing. If your event will be inclusive of a replay, you can add how long someone can access the replay.

Please note that if your event is NOT marked as a series, replay access is currently from the original purchase date. If your event is a Series that has replay access for a certain period of time, the count for the replay access will begin on the last day of the performance.

If your event is marked as a series, you will have the ability to choose when ticket sales should start and end.

Creating a schedule as a Training or workshop series will allow your customers to register for ALL performances. If you are offering a drop in price (i.e. students can drop in to specific classes), please do NOT choose this option. You will want to use the format above for tickets or consider making your event accept passes instead. 

If you're using Union's payroll feature, be sure to update this category if needed and feel free to add a revenue category to help with your reporting! Once you're done, create your event! 

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