The Difference Between a Pass and a Ticket

When creating Events on Union, one of the crucial decisions you'll make is how your customers will access them. You have two primary options: Passes or Tickets. This guide will help you understand the distinctions and make informed choices for your business.


Tickets are specifically linked to the Event you're setting up and cannot be used for anything else. They are ideal for special, unique, one-time workshops. Within an Event, you can create multiple tickets, each with its own availability window and limits on sales. For a detailed walkthrough on building a ticketed event, refer to our guide on Creating a Ticketed Event.


Unlike Tickets, Passes are not tied to a specific Event. For instance, a 10-pack Pass allows customers to attend various classes in the future. This option is best suited for regular classes that occur on a recurring basis. Passes are created independently from Events and are connected by assigning them to the same category. When a customer attempts to register for an Event, Union cross-references the Event's Category to identify valid Passes. For practical examples, watch our video tutorials on Creating a Pass and Crafting a 5-Class Pack.

By considering the nature of your offerings and the booking preferences of your clientele, you can confidently choose between Tickets and Passes to optimize the registration process on Union.

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