The difference between a Pass and a Ticket

When building Events in Union, you must decide how your customers will access those Events. You have two main choices: Passes or Tickets.


Tickets are directly tied to the specific Event you are creating. It cannot be used by your customers for anything else. Most businesses use Tickets for special, unique, one-time workshops.

Tickets are built within the Event itself. You can build multiple tickets for each Event, and each ticket can have special dates and times when it goes on and off sale. You can also limit the total number of any particular type of ticket that can be sold. To learn how to build a ticketed event, please visit Creating a Ticketed Event.


Passes are not directly tied to a specific Event. An example of a Pass might be a 10-pack; someone buys it, and then they can use it to attend a variety of classes in the future. Most businesses use Passes for regular classes that repeat each week.

Passes are built separately from Events. You connect Passes to Events by assigning them to the same category. When your customers attempt to register for an Event, Union looks at that Event's Category to determine which Passes are valid for that Event. Visit our video tutorial to learn how to Create a Pass and how to Create a 5-Class Pack for some examples!

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