Creating donation-style tickets

Usually, businesses set the prices of their offerings and customers simply decide whether or not to make the purchase. But occasionally, a business may want to let customers choose their own price to attend a particular Event.

Here's how to set this up in Union:

  • Choose the Event you'd like to create a donation-style ticket for and click "Edit Event."

  • In the Access section of the Event Builder, turn OFF "Accept Passes." This will enable the Ticket Builder.

  • Create a name and description for your Ticket, and set the price to whatever you want the suggested price to be. Note that most people decide how valuable something is based on suggestion. The default suggested price you set will often completely change the amount of money most people pay.

  • Check the box that says "Allow Purchaser to Choose Price."

  • Complete the other fields as normal, then click "Update Event."

When your customers attempt to register for this Event, they will have a list of the Tickets you've built to choose from. Donation-style Tickets will display the suggested price inside an editable field. The customer will be able to click inside that field, delete the suggested price, and type in the amount they wish to offer. Then they can simply check out as normal.

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