How to Create a Pass

Why is this important? Passes tell Union to grant customers access to categories of classes and events. They are incredibly useful because they allow customers to pay you for access up-front, and decide what to actually attend later. Packages of 10 classes that can be used one-by-one in the future? That's a classic example of a pass. Access to unlimited classes for a month? That's another version of a pass.

What does this affect? When you create a pass, you'll be asked to connect it to at least one event category. Then, whenever a customer tries to book a class or event in that category, they'll be instantly accepted if they have the right type of pass. If they don't have the right type of pass, they'll be prompted to buy one.

How do I create a pass? From your admin dashboard, select Pricing > Passes Then click or tap the button labeled "New Pass." Also, be sure to check out our video tutorial on How to Create a Pass

  • Public Passes Page: Decide whether you would like this to be shown on your Union's public passes page. *NOTE: this does NOT hide the pass from your org. Your customers will still see this pass in the registration flow. Please see Access Codes below if you want to hide your pass. 
  • Name: give your pass a descriptive name; this is the most prominent thing your customers will see when they're trying to decide what to purchase.
  • Description: clarify the pass in a little more detail. Many customers will be accessing your Union site from their phones, so strive to keep descriptions short and to the point.
  • Price: remember that you can only set a price other than $0 if you've previously connected a Stripe account.

  • Allow Purchaser to Choose Price: Select this option if you are needing to create a donation style pass for a specific event. Also see our video tutorial for more details! 

  • Pass fees on to purchaser: this option, when selected, adds Stripe's transaction fees and Union's platform fees to the price the customer pays at checkout.

  • Time Based Discounts: passes and payment plans can have associated time-based discounts incentivizing your customers to pay for goods and services sooner rather than later. This is best for Early Bird Teacher Training discounts or workshops. If you are looking to create a discounted offering (i.e. friends and family pass), please check see How Access Codes Work

  • Valid for: once someone buys a pass, the clock starts ticking. After the period you specify here elapses, the pass turns into a pumpkin (expires and cannot be used any more).
  • Registration Types: Choose what attendance type a pass can be used to register for. There are five choices you can choose from. 
    • In-Person: Performances (or classes) that are in-person. 
    • Livestream: Union's one way streaming option where your students can see you but you cannot see your students. The way you communicate is through chat. 
    • Replays: Can the pass be used to access replays from your public replay library page?
    • External URL (Zoom): Can the pass be used to register for classes that are external video calls?
    • Video Call (Union Video Call): Union's internal video call platform (currently in Beta). Allows you to verbally communicate with your customers and visually see them.
  • Registration Limits: There are three options.
    • Unlimited Registrations means the pass can be used to access an unlimited number of classes and events until it expires (like a membership that allows users to take an unlimited number of classes provided they pay each month). The unlimited pass will still be constricted to the Registration Types checked above.
    • Limited Registrations, then entering a number greater than 0 into the Limit box allows customers to use this pass a limited number of times before they must buy another one (like a 10-pack of classes). The unlimited pass will still be constricted to the Registration Types checked above.
    • Advanced Limited Registrations, then customizing rules for each Registration Type checked above allows customers have unlimited or limited number registrations for by Registration Type. e.g. 2 in-person registrations and Unlimited Replays.
  • Purchase Limit: refers to the maximum times a person can acquire the pass. An example may be, a new student special. You would want to add a purchase limit of one so users cannot repeatedly purchase the new student special pass. 

  • Access code only: select this if you'd like to make this pass invisible... except to those who know the code. This is useful for creating exclusive offers and deals that you don't want just anybody to see or buy. Also visit our video tutorial to learn more!

  • Email Description: Click this if you would like the pass description to be included in your customers confirmation email

  • Event categories: choose which types of events and classes this pass can be used to access.
  • Revenue categories: a great way to file away revenue that are associated with your passes. Learn how to Create Revenue Categories

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