How to Create a Pass

Passes play a vital role in granting customers access to specific classes and events within your Union platform. They offer the flexibility for customers to prepay for access and decide on attendance later. Whether it's a package of 10 classes for future use or unlimited access for a month, passes cater to various preferences.

Creating a Pass:

  1. Navigate to the admin dashboard and select Pricing > Passes.
  2. Click "New Pass" to begin the creation process.

Key Pass Details:

  • Public Passes Page: Decide if the pass will be visible on your Union's public passes page. Note that this setting does not hide the pass from your organization but controls its visibility to customers during registration.
  • Name: Provide a clear and descriptive name for the pass, as it's the primary information customers see when making their purchase decision.
  • Description: Offer a concise yet informative description of the pass, considering that many customers access your site via mobile devices.
  • Price: Set a non-zero price only if a Stripe account is connected.
  • Allow Purchaser to Choose Price: Useful for creating donation-style passes for specific events.
  • Pass Fees: Choose whether to pass Stripe's transaction and Union's platform fees to the customer at checkout.
  • Time-Based Discounts: Utilize discounts to incentivize early purchases, especially applicable for Early Bird Teacher Training discounts or workshops.
    • If you are looking to create a discounted offering, please navigate to this document.
  • Validity Period: Define the duration after which the pass expires and becomes unusable.
    • i.e., when the pass turns into a pumpkin!

Registration Types: Specify the types of attendance the pass can be used for:

  • In-Person - Performances that are in-person
  • Livestream - Union Broadcast - Union's one-way streaming solution
  • Replays - Recordings on the public library page
  • External URL (Zoom)
  • Union Video Call (Video Call) - Union's interactive internal video call platform
Any Registration Type In-Person Only Registrations Virtual Only Registrations

Registration Limits: Determine the number of registrations allowed:

  • Unlimited Registrations - Pass can be used to access unlimited performances
  • Limited Registrations - Pass can be used to access a set amount of performances
  • Advanced Limited Registrations (customize rules by Registration Type)

Purchase Limit: Set the maximum number of times a person can acquire the pass, useful for special offers.

Access Code Only: Keep the pass invisible to the general audience, accessible only to those with the code. Ideal for exclusive offers and deals.

    • Please, see the video tutorial here!

Email Description: Opt to include the pass description in the customer's confirmation email.

Event and Revenue Categories: Select the specific event and revenue categories associated with the pass for streamlined organization.

These steps ensure that you effectively manage passes, providing customers with seamless access to the classes and events they desire. For further guidance, refer to our video tutorial on creating passes.

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