Replays are a way of capturing fantastic classes or events and letting your customers replay them again, have as part of their recurring membership, or purchase as a one-time drop-in (as they do with livestreams. 

This is your your personal Netflix, in the cloud and automatic. No tagging, no video editing, no production pipeline. All Union customers can now build a deep library of events that sell themselves, 24/7, with zero extra effort.

Heres how they work:

  • All events that are livestreamed are saved for later replay

  • After an event is over, visitors to the page are presented with the option of either watching the replay for free (if a member) or paying the existing ticket pricing that each customer configures

  • There's a top-level option for seeing all replays by event type

  • You can edit video metadata around name, presenter, description and availability

  • Replays can be made private and only accessible via link or to a certain tier of membership

  • (Coming Soon) can configure rules around whether you want to manually select which classes to be available for replay or have them publish

Let's dig in (thanks to Kindness for graciously letting us use their replays for screenshots).

Review your Replays by clicking Events -> Replays

By default you'll viewed Unpublished Replays. This is so you can review them and decide which ones you'd like to be accessible by your customers:

Replays will inherit the name and description of the event they were generated from, but you can edit if you want to capture something particularly special about this specific class or event:

Public Events are the ones that show up on your Union Public page. You can also choose to make them Private as you do events or performances, so they can only be accessed with a direct link that you send:

All Public Replays are browseable by Event Type on your Union Home page:

And if a member goes to a past performance, they will be prompted with the option to Replay the video:

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