Replays are video or audio that automatically comes from Union Livestream and Video Calls, or from video or audio you upload.

This is your personal Netflix, in the cloud and automatic. No manual tagging, no video editing, no production pipeline. Replays allow you to build a deep library of events that sell themselves, 24/7, with zero extra effort.

Heres how they work:

  • All events that are livestreamed are saved for later replay

  • After an event is over, visitors to the page are presented with the option of either watching the replay for free (if a member) or paying the existing ticket pricing that each customer configures

  • There's a top-level option for seeing all replays by event type

  • You can edit video metadata around name, presenter, description and availability

  • Replays can be made private and only accessible via link or to a certain tier of membership

Review your Replays by clicking Products > Replay

By default you'll view Unpublished Replays. Unpublished media is ready to be made available to your customers but needs approval. If you would like to edit, click the drop down arrow to Edit.

Other dropdown links include:

  • Download: A link to download an mp4 version of the replay will be sent to you
  • View Performance: If the replay came from a Livestream, you can click to view information about that performance
  • Video Views: See who has watched the video when, and for how long
  • Untag: Remove all associated event categories from the Replay. Makes inaccessbile to purchase by customers
  • Delete: Remove the video from your library and delete the original video file
  • Change History: Lets you see a list of edits to the replay and who performed them

Replays will inherit the name and description of the event they were generated from, but you can edit if you want to capture something particularly special about this specific class or event. When you're ready to publish, click Publish. This will make it available in you Public Replay Library where a customer can find it and watch with an existing pass or subscription or be prompted to purchase one.

The Public foilter shows you which replays are available on your Union Public page.

The Private filter shows you replays that are available to customers, but only if they have a direct link that you send to them.

Other Filters include:

  • Unpublished: Replays that are not available to find or play by customers
  • Private: Replays that are available for customers to watch but only with a direct link that you send, not by browsing or searching
  • Pending: Replays that came in either from a Livestream where there wasn't a performance scheduled or that had technical difficulties, or a manually uploaded video that hasn't been edited to associate event categories and other information for customers
  • Deleted: Replays you have deleted from your Replay library. The information will still be present but the video or audio will be permanently removed.

All Public Replays are browseable and can be filtered by Event Type on your Union Home page. 

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