Replays encompass videos or audio content sourced from Union Livestream, Video Calls, or your own uploads. It's your personal cloud-based Netflix, hassle-free and seamless. No need for manual tagging, video editing, or production pipeline. Replays empower you to build an extensive collection of self-selling events, running 24/7, without any additional effort.

How It Operates:

  1. All livestreamed events are automatically saved for future replay.
  2. Post-event, visitors have the choice to watch the replay for free (if a member) or pay the configured ticket price.
  3. A high-level option allows for viewing all replays categorized by event type.
  4. You have the ability to modify video details such as title, presenter, description, and availability.
  5. Replays can be kept private, accessible only via a direct link or to specific membership tiers.
  6. Easily review your Replays by navigating to Products > Replay.

Navigating Your Replays:

  • Default view: Unpublished Replays. They're ready for customer access pending approval. To edit, click the dropdown arrow and select Edit.

  • Additional options include:
    • Download: Get an mp4 version of the replay.
    • View Performance: Access performance details for livestreamed replays.
    • Video Views: Track viewer statistics.
    • Untag: Remove associated event categories from the Replay, making it inaccessible for purchase.
    • Delete: Remove the video and its file from your library.
    • Change History: Track edits and who made them.

Customizing Your Replays:

Replays adopt the name and description of the original event, but you can customize them to highlight unique aspects of the class or event. When you're prepared to go live, hit publish. This will make it accessible in your Public Replay Library, where customers can find and watch it using an existing pass or subscription, or purchase one if needed.

Filters for Your Convenience:

  • Public: Displays replays available on your Union Public page.
  • Private: Shows replays accessible to customers, but only with a direct link provided by you.

Additional Filters Include:

  • Unpublished: Replays not yet available for customers to access.
  • Pending: Replays without a scheduled performance (for livestreams) or unedited manually uploaded videos.
  • Deleted: Replays you've permanently removed from your library, though information remains.

Explore and Discover:

All Public Replays can be easily browsed and sorted by Event Type on your Union Home page.

Replays redefine event sharing. With easy customization and automatic accessibility, your content shines effortlessly. Say goodbye to manual tasks and embrace a seamless system. Let your events shine, anytime, anywhere. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at We're here to help!

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