Trim a Replay

By default, when a replay is produced from a livestream, the replay will begin at the class start time if your customer's register for the replay. They can rewind the replay to view what was said before, but know that Union has added a little AI here for you so your customers can jump right into the class! 

Warning: If you upload the edited file, you will be charged for the encoded minutes for the media uploaded ($.004). Union continues to learn more about editing video content in your browser. 

From your admin dashboard hover over Products > Replays

Click the down arrow button on your replay that needs to be edited and click Download

Union will send you an email that will have a link to download your replay. This download link will remain valid for 24 hours. Pro-tip: After you click download, you will be sent an email, however, if you click download again, it should download to your device instantly. 

We recommend using QuickTime on macOS, as you can click "trim clip" or "add clip to end" from the edit menu. (click HERE to download QuickTime)

Once your file has made the necessary adjustments and you've saved your file, you can now add your new media content to your performance.

In Union, go to your replays to click the drop down arrow against the performance and click Edit.

Click Replace Video & upload your new video! Friendly reminder, when uploading a video file, it may take some time. Please keep this window opened until the upload has completed.

Replays will inherit the name and description of the event they were generated from, but here's where you can edit if you want to capture something particularly special about this specific class or event.

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