Stitch Replays

"Pending" videos include test streams, stream fragments, or videos missing information (i.e. categories, performance). In cases where a drop stream occurred, you have the option to stitch, merge, or combine these together.

Warning: If you upload the edited file, you will be charged for the encoded minutes for the media uploaded ($.004). Union continues to learn more about editing video content in your browser. 

Here's how to stitch your replays together & attaching it back to the performance

From your admin dashboard click Products > Replays

Click Unpublished and then click Pending. *Pending media include test streams, stream fragments, or media missing information (categories, performance) required to publish. Pending items that do not have a name or teacher associated will be deleted automatically after 30 days.

Against each fragmented recording that require repairing click the drop down arrow next to edit and click Download

Pro-tip: After you click download, you will be sent an email, however, if you click download again, it should download to your device instantly. 

Union sends you an email for each download you select. These links are valid for 24 hours.

When you select, Click here, you will be prompt to save the file. *We recommend renaming the file to clearly define the downloads as you will be receiving at least two (it will come in handy when you stitch them together).

Stitching your Downloads

To stitch your recordings, we recommend using QuickTime on macOS. *Click here to download QuickTime.

Open your first video and select add clip to end from the QuickTime edit menu bar.

You will then be prompt to select your second downloaded clip

Click Done and you should now see a different duration time stamp (download 1 + download 2). We recommend clicking play and toggle through to make sure the video attached in the correct order.

Then save your file to export. We recommend defining the name of your new video to indicate the completed version as this will come in handy when you jump over to Union. *If you're unable to save, try "closing" the window. This should prompt the screen below so you can save.

Once you click Save, go back to your Union web page.

In Union

Visit your Pending replays and click Edit against one of the fragments (preferably the longer one of the two).

Click Replace Video

Click Choose File and add your new video! *Friendly reminder, when uploading a video file, it may take some time. Please keep this window opened until the upload has completed.

While your video is being uploaded, add the details about this specific class. Once your file is 100% complete, click Update. *If not already generated, you must select a teacher, performance, and at least (1) event category to successfully publish.

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