Scheduling a Replay

There are times when you need to a previously recorded video to take the place of an upcoming event due to illness, scheduling conflicts, or other issues.

To do this, you can edit an upcoming performance and point it to a pending replay in your library.

If you don't have an existing replay already uploaded or recorded, first upload one from Events -> Replays:

Consult the article on Uploads if you need more help.

For the replay you just uploaded, click on 'Schedule to Play for Upcoming Performance'

You'll see a list of upcoming performances you can choose to attach this replay for. Note that performances that are canceled allow registration In-Person cannot have a replay scheduled for them. Select the Performance you'd like:

You'll be taken to the performance page, where you will get confirmation that it's pre-recorded:

When viewing on the Dashboard, you'll also see that the performance is pre-recorded:

All registrations, rules around pass and registration types will work for registering for the event.

The scheduled replay will appear in your Replay library after the conclusion of the class if it's associated performance is public.

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