Attach a Replay with the Register

Union allows you to quickly attach a replay to any member using the Register. To learn more insight about this feature and how to implement it, check out our video tutorial

In the Union admin interface you can access a specific member's info page (pictured below) by using the global search, or clicking on a member's name in a report or registration list.

Select the Register icon

Select Replays. *Visiting the Register directly from any member info page auto-fills the member selection. Quick search (or scroll) for your replay and click the cart icon. Once selected, you should see it added to the cart on the right hand of the screen:

Click on the Passes tab if you need to add a new pass/subscription. Or click Select Pass to use an Existing Pass your student has on file. Visit Attach a Pass with the Register for additional resources. 

Add any Notes about the order if needed and choose where you would like to send your customer a confirmation email. Then, click Checkout. 

To go back to your student's account or confirm the replay has been attached to their account, simply click the order code in the green success bar at the top

Click on the customer's name to be brought to their Union member page or click the replay name in bold to view the replay. 

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