Add Retail Products with the Register

If you have added retail products to your org, you can quickly sell them by using Union's Register! 

If you are working with multiple locations, please be mindful of the location at the top. Selecting the correct Location in the Union Register applies location specific tax to any carted Products. 

Add a member and then select Products. You can scroll through your list or use the search bar to type in a specific product. Then, cart your desired product. You should now see the location specific tax applied. 

If you customer is also wanting to register for a class and they have an active pass type (i.e. a subscription), you will need to create two separate orders. Register them for the class using the quick add attendee feature and then use the register for the product order. 

Choose your payment type. You can add order notes and choose to send your customer an order confirmation email. Then Checkout.

When the order has completed, you'll be able to click the bolded order number at the top in the green status bar.

In the order receipt, the type now shows  Product. By clicking the customers name in bold, we can dive in a little deeper to check their account.

No longer are there any pass types that are associated for your products. Instead, you can check their Recent Orders quick view to see what that order contains! 

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