Setup Retail in Union

Retail products can only be sold from the Union Register, can have location specific taxes associated, and do not incur a Union fee. Retail are physical goods that are sold in-person like water bottles. Union can support retail transactions and accommodate tracking. For more robust sku inventory management and/or E-commerce we recommend utilizing Shopify.

1. Setting your Tax Rates

If you would like to add sales tax to your products, we recommend setting this up first! Click to learn more about how to setup your tax rates in Union

2. Create a Revenue Category

If you have not done this already, we recommend creating a Revenue Category for your products. Visit Products > Categories > New Revenue Category to add a new revenue category called Products or Retail. Also see Create Revenue Categories for more information.

3. Add your Retail Products

Now, you'll want to add your retail to Union! Retail products can be added to your org by visiting Products > Retails > Create New Product. 

Add in the details for your product and be sure to click Collect Tax if taxes need to be applied. Whenever this product selected in the register, it will automatically apply the appropriate taxes. The click Create Product

For items where tax is not applicable, no need to select Collect Tax. When going through the checkout flow, taxes will not be applied.

The Register

Selling your retail products in Union is easy! Simply use Union's Register feature. Click to learn more about this checkout flow by visiting Add Retail Products with the Register


We recommend using Sales by Service Report to keep a pulse on your products sold. Learn how to locate your Sales Tax Report
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