Available After for Replays

There are times when you may want to schedule a replay to appear in your replay library at a certain time. You will want to utilize Union's Available After feature! This can come in handy in cases where the media content you are wanting to publish is not associated with a specific performance. For example, you have a course you'd like to offer and the you want the replays to be available at staggering times. 

If you're looking to schedule a pre-recorded class or any uploaded media content pertaining to an upcoming performance, please visit our support article, Pre-Recording an Upcoming Online Class

To begin, if you don't have an existing replay already uploaded or recorded, first upload one by visiting Products > Replays > Upload Media

Consult the article on Uploads if additional assistant is needed. 

When adding or editing a replay, you'll notice an Available After option. Click the box to select the desired date and click the clock icon to choose the appropriate time. 

Once your details have been added, click Create. You'll then see when your replay will become available and select Publish.

To locate your replay, from your admin dashboard, visit your public replays folder (Products > Replays). Your replay should show the scheduled date and time for its publication! 

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