Upload a Replay

Have an outsourced video file you'd like to add to your replay library? Then let's dive in!
Need to upload a replay to a specific performance (i.e. external performance or an edited replay file)? Learn how to add these here.

From your admin dashboard, hover over Events and click Replays

Click Upload Replay

To add your video file (preferably one that ends in .mp4 or .mkv) click Choose File. You'll be able to keep an eye on the upload progress. *Note: friendly reminder, when uploading a video file, it may take some time. Please keep this window opened until the upload has completed.

While your video is being uploaded, you can start adding the details to define this replay for your students. *Note: you must select a teacher & at least one Event Category to publish a video.

Once your file has reached 100% completion, click Create.

*Your replay will be located in your Pending folder.

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