Edit a Customers Subscription

Union allows you to edit a customers subscription that only applies for them. However, you can only change the following rules: the price (cannot be $0), registration types, registration limits and event categories. 

If you are looking to change the registration limits or the billing period, you will want to attach a new subscription. Pro-tip: If you are hoping to change the billing cycle for your customer, we recommend attaching a new subscription as a trial. Just a friendly reminder to please be sure you cancel their current active subscription so they are not billed for two subscriptions. 

Please note that any special edits you make to a customers pass or subscription will remove them for any mass edits you make to the original pass/subscription in the future. However, you will always see a notification if there are pass holders or subscription holders who will not inherit the changes you apply for easy access to update those accounts. 

In the Union admin interface you can access a customers account from any report or by searching for their name in the global search bar (pictured below).

Scroll to the Subscriptions block and click the drop down arrow next to View and choose Edit

Any changes you make here will only apply to this customers account! Once all edits have been made, click Update.

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