Cancel & Refund a Subscription

Canceling a subscription (auto-renew) does not refund the order and refunding an order does not cancel the subscription. This allows some flexibility when applying changes to a customers account. For additional support, check out our video tutorial to follow along! 

If you are wanting to offer a refund for a subscription and ensure your customer isn't charged again, make sure to cancel it after issuing the refund. Here's how to successfully cancel your customers pass and issue their refund.

Select the specific member by doing a global search and then click on their name.

Scroll to the Subscriptions block. Click the drop down arrow next to edit and click Cancel Now. Note: when a pass or subscription is canceled (or inactive), simply click on View "x" Service as we only show active pass service types.

You will have the option to send your customer a cancelation email. 

Next, go to Paid Orders and click Show.

Click Refund Custom Amount

Adjust the dollar amount (if needed), add the reason, and click Refund.

Notice the destination states credit cardHere is an email of what your customers may receive

Refund to Account Balance

By choosing to refund to the Union account balance, your customer will have the ability to apply that credit towards a different pass/subscription purchase of their choice. Note: Currently, an account balance can only be applied to NEW subscriptions, not existing subscriptions. 

If you are choosing to apply the total to the customers account credit, simply toggle the option to Refund to Union Account Balance. 

Notice the destination now states account balance. 

Clicking on the customers name in bold will take you back to their account. Here's where you will see their newly added credit. 

Here is the email confirmation your users will receive

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