Canceling and Refunding a Client's Subscription

Canceling a subscription and refunding an order are separate processes, providing flexibility when making changes to a customer's account.

Follow these steps to successfully handle cancellations and refunds:

Steps to Complete

Visual Support

  1. Locate the specific member through a global search and select their name.

  1. Scroll down to the Subscriptions section, click the drop-down arrow next to edit, and choose "Cancel Now". You have the option to send a cancellation email to the customer.

  1. Navigate to Recent Orders and click "Show" and then select "Refund Custom Amount".

  1. Adjust the dollar amount (if needed), provide a reason, and click "Refund".

Refunding to Union Account Balance

Opting to refund to the Union Account Balance allows the customer to use this as a credit to purchase another pass or subscription.

To do this, toggle the option to "Refund to Union Account Balance" if you choose to apply the total to the customer's account credit.

When you visit the customer's profile, the refunded amount will now reflect under "Balance".

*As confirmation, customers will receive an email notifying them of the refund.

To learn more about refunding to an Account Balance, visit this link for detailed information and visual instructions!

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