Cancel a Customer's Subscription (as an Admin)

As an admin, you have the option to either Cancel Now or Cancel at Period End for an active subscription.

Cancel Now immediately cancels your customer's subscription. When this option is chosen:

  • Any upcoming registrations will be canceled
  • No longer able to register for classes with the canceled subscription
  • Will no longer be charged.
  • NO refund is issued.

Cancel at Period End offers your customers to continue using their subscription for the remainder of their current billing cycle. This is the only option available for your students if they are looking to cancel their subscription. Here's what happens with this option is chosen:

  • When a customer cancels a subscription, this is the only option they can select.
  • Continue to register for classes (and replays) for remainder of billing cycle they have paid for.
  • The actual cancelation of the subscription is within an hour of the valid ends at on the current period of the pass.

To cancel a subscription, visit your customer's member page. You can access a customers account by doing a global search (see image below) or in any report or check-in page.

As a friendly reminder, canceling a subscription DOES NOT refund your customer. If you need to process a refund (account balance or back to the credit card), please refer to Cancel & Refund a Subscription

Scroll to Subscriptions. Click the drop down next to the subscription that needs updating and click Cancel Now or Cancel at Period End.

If you ever need to check on historical passes or subscriptions, click All x Services

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