Cancellation Windows, Fees, Check-In

In your Registration Settings (settings > registrations), you can customize the cancellation windows, We'll be taking a look at:

Visit our support document on all Registration Settings.

Cancellation Windows

You can also visit our video tutorial to see how to add a cancellation window. When you add a cancellation window, this will add a restriction for your customers on when they can self cancel a registration.

If your students attempt to cancel within your given cancellation window, they will be prompted to contact the studio to cancel their registration.

Note: The duration is dependent on the duration added in your settings

You students can always locate your studio information directly on your Union About Page.

Late Cancel Fees

Visit our video tutorial to see how to add a fee that can be applied by an admin or automatically by the student. For a detailed outline, please visit Late Cancellation Fee.

Automatic late fee cancel charge will only occur if the student has a card on file. Visit our support article for more details about how to enable this feature and the customer experience.

Staff Check-In View if Late Fee is Enabled

Late Cancel with a Card on File Cancellation View

They will be shown your cancellation window policy and can either Cancel or click OK to accept your late fee.

If they click OK and have a card on file, they will see a blue banner that confirms the registration has been canceled and offers the order number for the late fee charge. The payment will be located in the customer's account profile under Orders.

Late Cancel with NO Card on File

If your customer cancels in your cancellation window, they will only have the option to Cancel.

When they attempt to Cancel, they will need to contact the studio.

Self-Service Check-In Settings

You can control when your students can be considered checked in for their class. By default, a registration will automatically be marked as Redeemed (Checked-In) 4 hours prior to the class starting. Please visit our support article for more details about customizing your check-in settings and how they can improve your customer's self-service check-in experience!

The settings listed here will may be affected by your waiver management rules.

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