Late Cancellation Fee

Union's Late Cancellation Fees allow you to:

  • Apply a dollar amount for a a late fee cancellation
  • Admins (or any elevated Union account) to Cancel and Apply Late Fee
  • Automatically charge your customer a late fee if they cancel within your cancellation window
  • Choose which subscription or payment plan can cancel any upcoming registrations until class starts. Just select 'Skip Late Cancel' when editing the Subscription or Payment Plan.

In order to use any of the features mentioned above, You MUST enable the Late Cancel Fee in your Union Settings. Learn more about these features when they're enabled below!

How to Enable Late Cancellation Settings

Visual Perspective

Step 1: Union Settings

Step 2: Registrations

Step 3: Edit Cancel Setting

Step 4: Click the checkbox Enable Late Cancellation Fees.

Step 5: Add the amount of your fee.

Step 6: If you would like the automation for your customers to automatically be charged a late fee if they attempt cancel on their own, you can check the box Users Can Late Cancel and be Charged. *Not a requirement.

Step 7: Click Update

Skip Late Cancel for a Subscription or Payment Plan

If you would like to allow customers who have an active Subscription or Payment Plan, you can choose if they can be omitted from the late cancellation charge. This allows your active subscribers to cancel a registration up until the class is set to begin.

How to Apply Feature

Visual Perspective

Step 1: Click Edit on the payment type

Step 2: Under Access Limits, click the Skip Late Cancel checkbox

Cancel w/ a Late Fee as an Admin

When your student reaches out to cancel their registration, click the drop down next to the registration and click Cancel w/ Late Fee

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