Self-Service Kiosk

The self-service kiosk is designed to let your students check themselves in, either instead of with your front desk or in addition to your front desk, and is designed for use on either a computer or a tablet.

Enable the feature

Steps to Complete

Visual Support

  1. Go to Products > Self-Service Check-in > Kiosk.

  1. Select your location.

  1. Select the performance you'd like to check-in for.

Customer Experience

Your attendees are now able to see their names and click on "Check-in" to check themselves in.

Anyone who has not signed a waiver will be prompted to accept.

Self-Service Check-In Settings

By default, attendees can start checking in 4 hours before the performance starts, and can only check in before it begins. You can change these settings by going to Settings > Registrations.

If you'd like customers with an existing subscription or pass to be able to search for themselves and check-in for the performance, go to Settings > Registrations and edit the "In the kiosk, customers can search for themselves and check-in if they have a valid pass" setting:

Customers can now search for themselves and check-in:

Role Permission Requirement

If you are looking to allow a teacher or staff to be able to activate the kiosk, the permission "Can check attendees into performances" needs to be checked. You may find this by going to People > Roles.

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