Self-Service Check-In

You can print out a QR code per location to allow easy self check-in for your students.

When a client scans the QR code on arrival, they will instantly be checked-in as long as they have pre-registered for the class. If a customer has not yet registered, when they scan the QR code, it will present them with the list of upcoming classes for the day so they can self-register. Once they have registered, your client will automatically be checked-in.

Be sure to check out our video tutorial to see how to grab this in action! To locate your QR code, click Products > Self-Service Check-In

Choose your location and QR code size (1 is the smallest). Then click View.

Your QR code will be created and ready for you to download or print! All you have to do is post this in your studio where your students can easily access. 

If your client is registered, once they scan the code, they'll automatically be checked in. *Please visit your self-service check-in settings to customize when a customer can be automatically checked in for a class.

For students who still need to register, they'll be sent to all of your upcoming in-person classes so they can quickly register!

Once they have registered, depending on your self-service check-in settings, customers will automatically be checked-in for their class!

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