Union Registration Settings (Detailed)

Union allows some customization around registrations that occur in your org. Be sure to visit our video tutorial here that covers all the editable settings!  

To edit these rules, visit your Union Settings Registrations 

Cancellation Windows

If you would like to add a cancellation window select Edit Cancellation Windows. 

Applying a cancellation window will block your students from canceling their registration. They will be prompted to contact the studio if they wish to cancel their registration. *Note: the duration is dependent on what you add in your settings

Once your customer clicks OK, they will be directed to your About page to locate the studio details. Your students can always locate your studio information directly on your Union About Page. 

Silent Cancel

When you cancel a students registration, they will automatically receive a cancelation email. 

Enable this feature if you would like to have the flexibility to cancel a students registration without them receiving an email notification. 

When this is enabled, you will now have the option to Cancel (Silent) against a students registration. 

Late Cancel Fees

Enable this setting if you would like the ability to cancel a customer's registration and instantly charge them a late fee.

When your students reach out to cancel their registration, you will now have the option to Cancel w/ Late Fee. *Note: Students cannot 'cancel with late fee' at this time. 

Here is the email they will receive if a late fee is charged to their account. 

Allow Comps in Add Attendee

When using Union's Express Add Attendee feature, if your customer does not have a credit card on file, Union allows you to comp your student a pass or visit the register to receive payment. If you would like to turn this feature off, click here to disable

*This will only disable comps from the add attendee express flow. Comps can be issued when using the register

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