Enable Customers can Late Cancel

If you have late cancel fees set, you have the ability to enable your user to late cancel and automatically apply the late charge.

This is applicable for users who have a credit card on file. Continue below to learn what they see if no card is on file. If you would not like to charge subscribers a late fee, please visit our support doc here.

Enable the Feature

Click Edit Cancel Settings.

Check the box for Users Can Late Cancel and be Charged > Update.

The Customer Experience

When the feature is enabled on your org, your customers will see the option to Cancel w/ Late Fee if they are wanting to cancel within your cancellation window.

They will be shown your cancellation window and can either Cancel or click OK to accept your late fee.

If they click OK and have a card on file, they will see a blue banner that confirms the registration has been canceled and offers the order number for the late fee charge.

Your customers can view the order directly from My Account > Orders. When they click Show, they'll see the note that it is a Late Cancellation Fee.

Late Cancel & No Credit Card on File

If they click OK and they do NOT have a card on file, they will be prompted with the classic Cancel option.

When they attempt to Cancel, they will need to contact the studio.

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