Managing Waivers

In Union, every customer that registers themselves (Online, App, or via a Self-Checkin QR code) will be required to sign the latest version of your waiver. See this article on how to keep your waiver up-to-date.

However, registrations can be created for customers who haven't signed a waiver in certain cases:

  • Customers that are imported from another system
  • Customers that have only ever been registered by a staff member through the Register
  • Customers that use a third-party system like ClassPass

These options can be set in your Waiver Settings by going to Settings > Waiver:

  • Send an email after any registration that's been created and request they sign the updated waiver.
  • Direct them to check-in via the Self-Service Check-in Kiosk. They will be forced to accept the waiver prior to checking in.

Inside the Waiver Settings

Send Waiver Requests

If this setting is enabled, your students will receive an email prompting them to sign the waiver if they haven't already done so or if they haven't signed the latest version of the waiver yet.

The check-in page will still prompt your students to use the Kiosk to check-in, but they will also be sent an email. Here's what it will look like on the member page:

Require Students to Accept Waiver Prior to Check-In

If this setting is enabled, you will be able to add your student to the check-in page, but you will see an alert that indicates they should check-in at the Kiosk to accept the waiver.

Self-Service Check-In registration settings are set to automatically check-in students 4 hours prior to registering for a class. Learn how to customize this here.

Icons and Status

On the check-in page and the client page, you can see a waiver icon:

Red means they've never signed

Yellow means they've signed an older version of your waiver

Here's how it looks on the Check-In page for someone who has not signed:

And for how it looks if they've signed an older version:

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