Self-Service Check-In Settings

By default, a registration will automatically be marked as Redeemed (Checked-In) 4 hours prior to the class starting. If you would like to adjust the time frame, this can be done in your Settings > Registrations.

Customers will automatically be checked in if they register:

Hours before someone can be checked in to any registered class. This can come in handy for students who may register for multiple classes a day at your studio.

Rather than needing to self check-in each time before their class is set to begin, when they scan the QR Code or use the Self-Service Check-In Kiosk, they should be marked as redeemed!

Customers can self check-in prior to:

You can choose when a self-service check-in student can be considered "checked in". A common example could be a late student. Depending on your settings, your student can automatically check-in or will need to check-in with the front desk after the class has completed.

Performance Starting Setting

Performance Ending Setting

Can only check-in before the class starts. Can check-in before the class ends.
Use Case: QR Code and Kiosk will only be accepted before the class starts. Use Case: The student is (2) minutes late and scans the QR code. The student is now checked in.

An elevated team member will need to click "Check-In" against the class if the customer was unable to use the self-service check-in or if they forgot to self check-in.

Listed on the check-in kiosk:

This setting allows you to choose which performances will show on the kiosk for students to register or check-in.

In the kiosk, customers can search for themselves and check-in if they have a valid pass:

Enabling this setting will allow customers with an existing subscription or pass to be able to search for themselves in the kiosk and check-in for a performance.

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