Reverse Refunds to Account Balance

Refunds that have been issued to Account Balance can now be reversed, which will remove the credit from the account balance and will let you later issue a refund back to the credit card. If you would like to see this in action, please visit our video tutorial here!

Click Show against the order

Locate the refund details in the order and click Reverse

You will need to accept that this will cancel this refund and debit the account balance for your customer. 

Once accepted, you should see the status of the account balance has been marked as reversed. You can now issue a refund to the customers credit card.

You can customize the refund amount but you must add a reason in order to process the refund. Then click Refund.

Your refunds section should now show that it's been issued to your customers credit card. What's great is you can still have records that it was still initially refunded to the customers account balance! 

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