Account Balances in Union

Here are some highlights about Account Balances in Union:

  • Account balance's can be accumulated in different way: if they received a gift card, a refund was issued (option in the refund process), or if an admin manually adds this to their account by adjusting the balance.
  • If your customer has an active subscription and receive an account balance, the balance will automatically apply to the customer's subscription.
  • If an account balance cannot cover the full payment, an admin can collect payment with a card on file, cash, or check. Your customer will be able to use the card on file or add a new card
  • You and your customer can keep quickly see how much is remaining in the customer's account balance
  • You can track every account balance transaction
  • As an admin, you can view all account balance reporting

Check out our video tutorial that covers:

  • How to find a customers account balance
  • Manually adding or subtracting a value amount
  • Locating the Balance History
  • Applying an account balance in the Register
  • Student perspective of applying an account balance

Working with an Account Balance

If you ned to view a customer's account balance, you will be able to quickly locate this when you pull up the customer's member's page. You should see the total balance in the overview at the top.

As an admin, you have the ability to manually add or subtract from a customer's balance. You can do this by clicking on the balance total or click Adjust Balance.

You will see a pop-up window where you can Add or Subtract from the current balance at any given time. Enter the value of the desired credit, add a note/reason, and then select Adjust Balance.

If you would like insight on a customer's account balance history, simply click, Balance History, in the customer drop-down view.

Learn more about a customer's Balance History. This offers insight on the different columns and how to access content beyond the customer's overview. To learn how to access all customer's account balance's, please visit our Account Balance Reporting document.

Account Balance in the Register

If your customer has an account balance against their account, you will be able to adjust the amount that should be applied. Once the account balance value has been edited, you must click Apply.

You should see the updated total reflected. Then, click Checkout.

Customer Experience 

Here's an example of what your customer's will experience if they have an active account balance. Please feel free to share this support article with them!

If your customer has an account balance against their account, they will see an account balance notification.

At checkout, they will have the option to apply the account balance to the purchase or not. If they would like to apply the balance, they must click Apply.

When click click Apply, they should see these adjustments in their Order summary.

If customers need to access the amount remaining, they can visit My Account > Account Balances.

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