Account Balance

Your customers will have an account balance if they received a gift card, a refund was issued to their Union account balance, or if an admin manually adds this to their account by adjusting the balance. To see this in action, please visit our video tutorial.

You can apply an account balance to: 

  • New subscriptions (memberships)* 
  • Passes
  • Tickets 
  • Retail 

*full-price only

You cannot apply an account balance to: 

  • Existing subscriptions (memberships) 
  • Discounted subscriptions, e.g. first-month discount
  • Gift Cards 
Why can't I apply an account balance to a discounted subscription? 

Account balances apply as a discount to purchases and our platform does not support "double discounting." This applies to subscriptions that have a discounted first month, category discount, or free trial period. 

A client has an account balance. Can they apply it to a subscription? 

Absolutely, as long as it's a new, full-priced subscription the balance will apply automatically at checkout. 

What happens if the account balance is greater than the purchase price? 

Let's say you have a $100 account balance and want to buy a $75/month subscription. The balance will apply as a discount, meaning the first month is $0 and the second month is $50 (applying the remaining $25 balance). 

How can I apply an account balance to an existing subscription or membership? 

Account balances can only be applied to new subscriptions, however, you can cancel their current subscription and start a new one. 

To check on a customers account balance, simply visit their Union member page.

Edit a balance on any account (even if it is $0.00) by clicking the drop down arrow and choose Adjust Balance.

Here, you can Add or Subtract from the current balance at any given time! Enter the value of the desired credit, add a note/reason, and then select Adjust Balance

If you need to review your customers account balance, click the drop down arrow and select Balance History. This will show you how the account balance has been used. Click on any order number in bold to review the order receipt. 

Account Balance in the Register

If your customer has an account balance against their account, the balance is automatically applied in the register. 

When you complete your check out, click the order number in bold to view. * Pro-Tip: Click on the customer's name in bold to be brought to their member page or click the pass name in bold to edit your customers pass. 

Customer Experience 

If your customer has an account balance against their account, they will see the account balance applied at checkout! 

Your customers can keep an active eye on their Account Balance while signed into their Union account.   *While signed into their Union account, click My Account in the upper right hand corner and select Account Balance.

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