Account Balance Reporting

While you always have access to a customer's account balance history from the members page, Union has Account Balance Summary and Account Balance Transaction reporting to help you identify active balances. To locate your account balance reporting, follow Reports > Balances.

Account Balance Summary

This report offers a compiled list of any member that has an active account balance. You will have the option to export the report or view a member's balance history.

Here's an example of a member's Balance History. You have insight of how the balance was obtained (manually added, refunded to account balance, or gift card). If a member applied a balance, you can click View Order for additional details.

Account Balance Transactions

This report offers greater insights on any transactions that include an account balance for a specific date range. Examples include, gift card redemptions (when the balance has hit the members account), a manual adjustment, a purchase was made.

Reading the Report

First, you will want to ensure you have selected the correct date range. If needed, you can download the report as a CSV for your records or to adapt the view.

Credits: Total Credits Issued

Debits: Total Debits Used

Outstanding: Total Outstanding Balance Amount

Below, you should see all transactions that are inclusive of the report. Click the buttons (or members name in bold) to see each line item in greater detail.

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