How to Create a Gift Card

Learn how to create a gift card, access customers account balances, and what the customer experience is like! You can also check out our video tutorial here

From your admin dashboard, hover over Pricing > Gift Cards

Add a name and description for your gift card. Add the gift card Value and Price (these can be the same).

Use case for a Value and Price being different: You're running a holiday promo where customers can purchase a gift card for $200 and the receiver will have $250 that can be applied to your products. Just like your passes and subscriptions, you can add a Purchase Limit, Issued Limit, Access Code, and a Revenue Category.

Like other pricing options in Union, you can add a Purchase Limit, Issued Limit, Access Code, and Revenue Category.

Once you're done, click Create Gift Card.

Similar to passes and subscriptions, you have the opportunity to grab its direct URL, export the CSV, and delete by clicking the drop down arrow next to Edit.

To see who's purchased the gift card, click the bolded number in the Total column. This will show you a quick snapshot of all the customers who have purchased this gift card. *Pro-Tip: Clicking on a users name will bring you to their member page. Clicking on the product name can give you a quick link to the original order.

When a customer receives a gift card, the amount is stored as an account balance on the receivers account. Please refer to our article about Account Balances to learn more!

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