Gift Cards

How to Create a Gift Card

Learn how to create a gift card, access customers account balances, and what the customer experience is like! You can also check out our video tutorial here

From your admin dashboard, hover over Pricing > Gift Cards

Add a name and description for your gift card. Then type in the value for the gift card and below, add the dollar amount for its price.

Just like your passes and subscriptions, you have the following options to add if needed. 

  • Purchase Limit: refers to the maximum times a person can acquire the pass. An example may be, a special promotion you're offering and you want limit how many times a customer can purchase this pricing option. This will avoid repeat purchases for your special promotion. 
  • Access code: select this if you'd like to make this gift card invisible... except to those who know the code. This is useful for creating exclusive offers and deals that you don't want just anybody to see or buy.
  • Revenue categories: a great way to file away revenue that are associated with your passes. 

Choose Create Gift Card

Similar to passes and subscriptions, you have the opportunity to grab its direct URL, export the CSV, and delete! 

In the Total column, click the number in bold to gain better insight on who has purchased your gift cards. 

This will show you a quick snapshot of all the customers who have purchased this gift card. *Pro-Tip: Click on a users name in bold to be brought to their member page.


When a customer receives a gift card, it is stored as an account balance on the customers account. Please refer to our article about Account Balances to learn more!

Customer Experience for Gift Cards

If you have chosen to have your gift card be visible on your Public Passes page, your customers will be able to clearly identify your gift card options:

If you have enabled Union's Gift Option feature, your customers will be able to send the e-gift and choose when it will be delivered! 

Whether delivered immediately or on the chosen date, they will receive an email letting them know about their new gift!

If a customer has stored credit against their account, they will see the account balance applied at checkout! 

Your customers can keep an active eye on their Account Balance while signed into their Union account. *While signed into their Union account, click My Account in the upper right hand corner and select Account Balance.

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