Attach a Gift Card in the Register

Union allows you to quickly attach a gift card to any existing or new customer using the Register! Similar to the Gift Options at Checkout flow your customers experience, you can add a note and choose when the gift card should be delivered. *Note: Account balances cannot be applied to a gift card purchases.  

Click the Register Icon in the upper right corner against the gradient menu bar. 

In the members box, search for the gift givers name (or Create Member). 

Click on Gift Cards and cart your desired gift card. In the cart (right side of the register), add the recipient's information. 

You will need to add a name and email address. If the customer would like to add a note for the receiver, you can type that in below. Use the date selector if the customer would like the recipient to receive the gift card on a specific day!

Choose the payment method by click on Card, Cash, Check, or Comp. Then click Checkout. 

If you would like to see the order, click the order number against the green success bar at the top. 

In the order, it will state details about the purchase like who it was gifted to! If the gift receiver is to receive their gift card on a specific day, you will see the date listed below. Once the recipient has received the gift card (account balance), you will be able to click the customers name to be linked to their Union account from the order. 

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