Gift Options at Checkout

Union allows you to give passes to another person as a gift while checking out.

The ability to add gift options is presented while purchasing passes with participating Union organizations.

NOTE: Some shopping cart item types such as auto-renewing products (subscriptions and payment plans) are not gift-able at this time.

After choosing to add gift options and selecting 'Checkout', simply provide your gift recipient's information, add a customized note, and choose when you would like them to receive it! 

If you have more than one pass in your shopping cart, you may send multiple gifts to different recipients (or not) as needed.

After adding your gift recipient's information and checking out, each gift recipient will receive a customized gift email. They are immediately able to use their gift by clicking the link provided in the email.

If the gift recipient has not used Union before, they will be asked to set a password.

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