Purchasing and Applying a Gift Card (as a Customer)

If you have chosen to have your gift card(s) publicly available, a new Gift Cards tab will be available on your public page. Each gift card will also have a yellow label to identify them too!

If you have enabled Union's Gift Option feature, the gift card is prepared to send the e-gift. All your client needs to do is add the details for the giftee! By using the date selector, the gifter can choose the date for delivery.

When the gifter has completed the order, whether the gift card is being sent immediately or on a later date, they will receive a confirmation order.

Whether the gift card is being sent immediately or at a later time, they will receive an email letting them know about their new gift

Applying the Gift Card

When the giftee receives the email about their new gift card, the credit is added to their account and ready to use! The next purchase they make, they will see a green banner letting them know the account balance they have on their account.

The balance will automatically be deducted from the total in the customers cart.

Your customers can keep an active eye on their Account Balance while signed into their Union account. *While signed into their Union account, click My Account in the upper right hand corner and select Account Balance.

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