Selling a Gift Card & Delivery Options

When it comes to selling your gift cards, know that you've got options! We also allow you and your customers to choose the delivery options.

Selling a Gift Card

Sell a Gift Card in the Register

If you have a client who comes to your studio or calls for assistance, you can do this on your customers behalf by using the register. View our support article for more details.

Sell a Gift Card with a Direct URL

Similar to selling specific passes or classes, you have the ability to grab the Direct URL for each gift card you create. Your direct URL can be added to your website, email marketing campaigns, social media and more!

Direct Customers to All Gift Cards

If you want to showcase all gift cards, click Public > Gift Cards > Copy the URL for your Gift Cards page.

Delivery Options

Whether your customers are purchasing a gift card or you're adding it for them, there will always be an option to send the gift card now or choose a date.

  • Sending the Gift Card Now: Sends the gift card immediately to the giftee/receiver
  • Choose a specific date: You can choose the DATE of when the gift card will be sent. Union's software check's for gift card issues every hour. If it see's a gift card that needs to be sent, it will get this delivered!
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