Gift Card Order Reports

Gift Cards are pricing options that a customer can purchase and sent to another person so it can be used towards a purchase of their choosing. When we talk about reporting, we need to consider two sides with gift cards:

  • The order that belongs to the gifter (sender)
  • The order that belongs to the giftee (receiver)

It's important to note that when a customer receives a gift card, it automatically becomes an account balance in the receivers Union account. This article outlines the different ways to access reports on gift card orders (sender). If you're hoping to learn more about an account balance report (receivers value), please visit our Account Balance Reporting doc.

In every gift card order (the purchase), Union shows you the total and who the gift card is being sent to (or when it will be delivered). This is an example of a order view:

You can access your gift card orders in a few different locations in the Union software. We recommend utilizing the Sales by Service report in Union as it's one of the quickest places to access where ever you are in the software. From here, you can quickly see the type of service for a specific date that you set.

When you click Details it will bring you to the orders page where you can see all orders made for your specific gift card. Feel free to Download CSV or click View against any order for more details.

Another option is if you're using Union's Revenue Category feature, you could also use this report and click View against the revenue category.

When you click View, any gift card that holds this revenue category will be visible.

Finally, you can view all orders per gift card by visiting the Gift Cards page itself! Click on the bolded number to view this in the software directly or click the drop down arrow to Export CSV.

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