Account Balance History

Whether you're updating your internal reporting or need to understand how a customer's account balance has been used, Union allows you to quickly see this in any member view or your Account Balance Summary Report.

When viewing a member's page, click Balance History, in the customer drop-down view.

From here, you'll be able to see all the account balance activity for your customer. You can see when the balance was Adjusted, the Description or type of adjustment that happened, Who adjusted it, the Amount, the Note, and direct links to view an order (or gift card).

Description Types

Here are the default description types you will see in a customer's account balance history.

Manual Credit is when someone with an admin role manually edits a customer's account balance.

This can only be done with an admin role or if a user has a custom role that includes Edit Customer Balances.

Gift Card Redemptions is when the gift card value has been added to the customer's account balance. You can choose to View Gift Card or View Order.

When selecting View Gift Card, you will see the gift card details. This does include the paid order for the gift card (click on the bolded number), the value of the gift card, the amount paid and who paid for it.

Whether you're selecting the order view of the gift card from the link above or the button from the Balance History view, the Gift Card Order is simply the paid order details. These quick links are helpful in cases where you need to see the original order details for the account balance that was added.

Visit our support article for Gift Card Order Reports and Account Balance Reporting

If you see a Purchase description, the software will automatically add what was purchased in the Note column. When you click View Order, this will lead you to the order if you need to review it at any time.

In this specific example, the pass the customer purchased was greater than $200. When I click View Order I'm able to see more about this purchase. The order itself shows the payment method(s) and includes clear breakdowns.

  • Total: Total cost of the pass they purchased
  • Balance Applied: How much of an account balance was applied (i.e. non-cash)
  • Total Cash: Total that was captured with a different form of payment (typically a credit card)

Learn more about Cash or Non-Cash Reporting.

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