Apply an Account Balance in the Register

If a customer has an account balance, it can be applied in the register or in the customer checkout flow. If an account balance is present, the admin/customer can choose whether the balance is applied to a certain order or not. This is done by clicking (or not clicking) Apply.

If your customer has an account balance against their account, it will be displayed when you cart the desired pass.

You can adjust the amount that should be applied if desired. Once the account balance value has been edited, you must click Apply.

You should see the updated total reflected. Then, click Checkout.

If a customer has an account balance that can not fulfill the order total, you will be prompted to use an existing card (or payment type if the pass is not a subscription) or use the card on file.

If you need to view the order, click the order number in bold to view (inside the Success banner at the top). The order will show you how much was charged on the customers credit card (cash items) and will show you how much of their account balance was applied (non-cash).

Pro-Tip: Click on the customer's name in bold to be brought to their member page. Clicking the pass name in bold will show you the history of the customers pass. If you need to edit a pass, click the drop down arrow next to View and this will edit this specific customers pass.

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