Union's Virtual Options

Union offers a variety of virtual options to meet the diverse needs of yoga studios and creators. What Union has noticed is, different companies use various terms to describe streaming, pre-recorded content, and replays/on-demand content. Here's how Union defines the virtual options in the software today!


Livestreaming involves one-to-many connections, reaching multiple users simultaneously. Union's livestreaming feature is unique in that it provides both real-time video content for your students and records the session in to your Union account for future use as a replay. As an example, TV broadcasts, video game streams, and social media video can all be live-streamed.

By utilizing the livestreaming apps Union integrates with (primarily, Union Broadcaster), this app also allows you to pre-record content with no live viewing. Similar to a livestream, the content will be in your Union account, hassle-free. 


Replays encompass videos or audio content that's available to your clients. They can be sourced from Union livestreams, pre-records captured by Union's livestreaming app, or your own media content (uploading media). It's your personal cloud-based Netflix. Replays empower you to build an extensive collection of self-selling events, running 24/7.

Video Calls/External URLS

Union refers to this type of virtual experience as Video Calls because it relies on real-time communication (RTC) protocols, in contrast to one-to-many live stream broadcasts. A common example is the Zoom platform. As of today, these classes would be held via the Zoom software but registrations, payment, and joining a video call class begin in Union. Each teacher or creator has the ability to choose what classes they would like to record and then can upload it in to Union as a replay.

Pre-Recorded Media Content

Pre-Recorded content in Union can originate from different sources:

  • Live online and are usually in your replay library (i.e. you're using a class recorded 5 months ago for a schedule upcoming class)
  • Streamed by using the Union Broadcaster app or OBS. In this case, the media wasn't available for a live viewing, rather, the ability for you to stream your class in to the Union software to bypass any manual uploading
  • Recorded content that is manually uploaded

Union values providing various virtual outlets for both live online and replay content to cater to the needs of studios and creators. The beauty of Union is that you're not limited to just one option; all these features are available in the software today.

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